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Polopoly - Web Content Management System

In 1996 Polopoly’s core technology team developed a ground breaking multi-channel publishing platform for Dagens Nyheter, Scandinavia’s largest morning daily. Since then we have taken great pride in working hand in hand with our media clients and expanded the use of our platform to incorporate all of today’s media channels.

The Polopoly system makes it easy to handle all your digital content. We offer a standard system that is simple to use, yet flexible and very powerful. Some of the most high-traffic web sites in Europe have their roots in the Polopoly platform.

When a given website has reached a certain size, it is virtually impossible to manage manually. To create HTML pages using web editing software or by hand edit 20,000 pages and link them up correctly requires months of work and a quite a bit of expertise. Here is where you need a Content Management system to help you deal with all that complexity.

When the digital channels are mission-critical, you need a system that is robust enough to manage peak loads while being versatile enough to enable the launch of new digital services with minimum lead-time. Polopoly is such a system.The system has proven itself in extreme Internet conditions covering both internal and external services, while relying on a state-of-the-art open systems architecture entirely based on open standards.

  Polopoly facts

  • The Polopoly platform is used all over Europe. The common denominator among Polopoly customers is that they have the highest requirements for business critical solutions.
  • With ATEX Text Mining you can increase the revenue of your website by providing automatic links to related content.
  • SONY ERICSSON has one of the largest Polopoly installations in the world with +100 web sites in +38 languages and more than 900 millions page views per month.
  • Based on the concept of Page Layout Templates and Element libraries, even not technical people can create complete web sites in record time.

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