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Web Development.

We are experts on the POLOPOLY system, so we can offer not only the licensing and the hardware platform but also the design and development of your web site.

If your company already has a team of developers we can provide the training, consulting and support services during the process of building your Internet site.

But if you need a fast process and you do not want to go through the learning process, you can put the whole project in the hands of our experts.

Want to know more?, contact us for a demo.

  A Polopoly project

  • The starting point is the business concept, decide the goals of your web site, the services you are going to offer and the communication strategy to reach your final users.
  • Then we take the business ideas and we create an HTML design where all the elements of the real web site must be present.
  • The design let us build the templates and element libraries that will help us to manage the site.
  • When the administration structure is ready we can proceed with the training of the people who will maintain and manage the portal.

  • The customer must provide a team dedicated to test the development, report problems and give the final approve for the project.

  • When the product is ready we proceed to install it on the final servers and we make stress test and possible performance adjustments.